Attorney at Law
2318 Louis Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303

(650) 856-8848

 California Bar No. 98,795
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office No. 30,266

January 2003
to October 2016

Law Office of Eppa Hite
Palo Alto, California.
Legal services and assistance encompassing a broad range of patent law matters for high-technology clients including invention patentability and patent validity opinions, preparation of Design and Provisional patent applications, and preparation and prosecution of Utility patent applications.

October 1994
to January 2003

Carr & Ferrell, LLP
Palo Alto, California.
Of Counsel.  Supervised and trained new attorneys, agents and technical specialists.  Conducted introductory client meetings and invention disclosure meetings.  Reviewed and revised draft patent applications and amendments for computer system and network architectures and software, video and graphics controllers, disk drive heads, Internet telephones, business methods, medical devices.  License negotiations.  Instituted and managed firm IP training program.  Managed over 50 clients.  Maintained quality and integrity of more than 5000 firm patent files.  Responsible for patent processes and forms.

September 1990 to October 1994

Solo Practitioner
Palo Alto and Woodside, California.
Intellectual property evaluations, prior art searches, patent preparation and prosecution, trademark and corporate start-up consulting.

August 1987
to August 1990

Rosenblum, Parish & Bacigalupi, P.C.
San Jose, California.
Associate.  Prepared opinions on invention patentability and patent validity and infringement.  Prepared and prosecuted patent applications in areas of software (computer bus interface), electronics (digital circuits, semiconductor devices), optics (lasers, polarizers, filters, detectors) and fluid mechanics.  Trademark counseling, opinions and registrations.

March 1987
to July 1987

Law Office of David S. Romney
Palo Alto, California.
Contract Attorney.  Prepared for litigation of trademark issues between a computer-aided design teleprocessing service and a computerized voice-mail telephone system.

May 1985
to January 1987

Skjerven, Morrill, MacPherson, Franklin & Friel
Santa Clara, California.
Associate.  Prepared and prosecuted applications for patents on digital circuits (programmable logic arrays, state machines) and semiconductors (processes, products).  Memos on trademarks, technology exports, mask works, licensee estoppel.

February 1984
to March 1985

GIERS-Schlumberger Research Center
Paris (Montrouge), France.
Patent Counsel.  Advised on intellectual property.  Secured disclosures of electrical and fluid current control inventions.  Prepared applications and amendments for patents in the U.S., French and European patent offices.

June 1982
to December 1983

Townsend and Townsend
San Francisco, California.
Associate.  Prepared and amended applications for patents on electronic (disk drive controller and memory mapping system), semiconductor, mechanical and thermodynamic inventions.  Software protection, trademark prosecution and patent licensing.

September 1980
to June 1982

Solo Practitioner
Palo Alto, California.

Prepared applications and amendments based on disclosures received from other attorneys in Silicon Valley.


William and Mary Law School, Williamsburg, Virginia.
J.D., May 1980.
Summers clerking in Patent Department at NASA/Langley Research Center, Hampton VA

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia.
School of Engineering
B.S. Computer Science, January 1977.
Coursework included:  BASIC, FORTRAN IV, COBOL, ALGOL, PASCAL, SNOBOL, LISP, Symbolic Language theory, Information Structures, Assembly Language, Numerical Analysis, Analysis of Algorithms, Operating Systems, and Compilers.
Computer Systems Management (MBA course).
Lab: Machine Language Loader for Intel® 8080.
Thesis: Computer Recognition of English Word Senses.

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia.
College of Arts and Sciences
B.A. Philosophy, May 1975.


Running:  20 marathons since April 1998.
Conversant in French.